5 Restaurants in India that you must visit to get a Truly Unique Experience

One of the most thriving businesses of all time is the restaurant business because of the love almost everyone has for food and we cannot just simply live without food. You may be the kind of person who prefers to eat home-cooked food, but the joy and experience of dining at a beautiful restaurant that has an awesome ambience is really great. The number of restaurants in the country is growing exponentially and just like every other sector only a few prosper and reach greater heights and achieve a level of recognition across the country.

The successful ones are those restaurants that are breaking stereotypes and blending their restaurants with new and creative ideas both in terms of their ambience as well as the variety of food they serve. Here is a list of top 5 restaurants of India that provide a truly unique experience:

  1. Parikrama Restaurant in CP DelhiParikrama CP restaurant is one of the finest places to dine in Delhi. It is situated on the 24th floor of AntrikshBhavan and gives a panoramic view of the sparkling city. It is a revolving restaurant with an elegant ambience, which makes it unique. The view from the restaurant is mesmerizing. This restaurant aces all the requirements of a perfect place to dinesuch as great food, great service,, politestaff, superb ambience and no compromise in terms of quality.
  2. Veli Lake Floating Restaurant in Trivandrum– This beautiful restaurant is located in the city of Trivandrum in Kerala. It is situated in the midst of a lake and has floating bridges that lead the way to the restaurant. It provides you with the ultimate bliss of enjoying the perfect meal in the middle of a serene lake. All the food that is prepared and served here is through the local produce from the state.
  3. The Black Pearl Restaurant in Bangalore- If you are a fan of the movie Pirates of the Caribbean, then this restaurant is a must-visit for you. It has the entire theme revolving around the ship of the pirate Jack Sparrow from the movie. The floor of the restaurant is made from wood and it looks similar to the deck of the ship. The decoration will give you the ultimate feel of dining on a pirate ship with all the skulls and eye patches around.
  4. The UFO Restaurant in Mumbai– There is a unique restaurant in Mumbai has a great concept of imitating a spaceship. The entire restaurant is created in such a way that the customers feel as if they are sitting in a spaceship. The feel is accentuated with appropriate seating arrangement. There is a wide variety of lights and sounds that keep flashing from time to time, thus making the experience of travelling in a spaceship more realistic.
  5. 1857 Restaurant in Hyderabad- This restaurant is built on the concept of ancient India before the rule of the British. It has a theme similar to that of a palace where the Nawabs used to reside. The entire restaurant looks extremely royal with attractive architecture and elegant stone work, art work and lighting. Dining at this place will take you back in time to those bygone eras when the Nawabs used to dine in a very rich and luxurious manner and enjoy elaborate and fancy feasts on a regular basis.