The 4 Biggest Daily Fantasy Sports Trends

Fantasy sports have been around for a long time, but many folks now play online daily fantasy sports. Much like real sports, there is fantasy sports betting. You purchase or bet on the players, which according to you would perform well. When they do, you get a profit over your bets. This is either done on a daily basis (daily fantasy sports or season wise) i.e. normal fantasy sports. Here are a few trends that have been noticed in this highly lucrative market:

  1. More People Are Now Playing Daily Fantasy Sports As Compared to Normal Fantasy Sports:

It is clear that you get quicker and manageable profits when it comes to daily fantasy sports. In normal fantasy sports, you bet on a single team/player for the entire season but when it comes to daily fantasy sports, you can be on a different player/team every day. This would drastically reduce your risk factor and give you nominal profits.

Obviously, if you bet for normal fantasy sports, your winnings are higher than daily fantasy sports, but nowadays people want quick winnings even if they are not that high. With their winnings, they can bet on higher value players each day and get even higher winnings.

  1. Extremely High Expenditure on Advertising:

As online daily fantasy sports is fairly new, there is a very high requirement of making new users aware of the high winning potential in fantasy sports betting. Because of this, almost all daily fantasy sports websites and applications have been spending the maximum of their expense allotments in advertising. They use heavily targeted ads to increase the visibility of their ads.

  1. Increase in Traffic from Mobile Applications:

Earlier, daily fantasy sports were only played online on the websites of the fantasy sports companies. Even when users accessed their accounts from a mobile device, they used to prefer accessing it via the website from the browser. With heavy mobile optimization and encouragement and offers on using mobile application rather than website, the usage of daily fantasy applications through mobile applications has increased tremendously.

The companies have made tons of UI/UX improvements to their mobile applications to make them much more user friendly due to which more users have started using their mobile application over website.

  1. Purchasing Medium Popularity Players:

As most of the people used to purchase players,who were highly popular, the earnings were very limited. Lately, people have started betting smartly on the medium popularity players. They have fewer rewards, but the rewards are almost constant as less people bet on them. As more and more people are now betting on the medium popularity players, slowly the high popularity players would get more rewards again.

These are the biggest trends in the daily fantasy sports market. This market is growing at a really fast pace and soon it is going to be the biggest market in the online betting niche. Keep yourself updated on the upcoming trends as this field is rapidly changing.